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VODO is an online media distributor offering films, books, games and music under pay-what-you-want pricing models. Founded by film director Jamie King,[1] VODO has recently focused on bundle offers, bringing together a variety of creators under the themes of H.P. Lovecraft, Big Brother (surveillance and privacy), NSFW (sex positive culture), Otherworlds (sci-fi) and Really Creepy (indie horror).

VODO's background is in distribution of film under Creative Commons licenses, using the BitTorrent protocol.[2] Filmmakers can upload films on the site and selected works are also promoted on third-party sites and services such as the Butter Project, uTorrent and The Pirate Bay.

Past releases include sci-fi series Pioneer One,[3] The Yes Men Fix the World[4] and Zenith. Users are encouraged to donate after watching the films, and the highest earning to date has received almost $100,000.[5]

VODO releases[edit]

As of February 2012, VODO hosts a total of 148 films.[6] Some of the most known are listed below.

Date Title Version Director Notes
2009-10-17 Us Now Ivo Gormley
2009-11-11 In Guantanamo David Miller
2009-12-19 The Lionshare Josh Bernhard Included Legacy by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
2010-02-08 Mixtape#1 Various
2010-06-15 Pioneer One S01E01 Bracey Smith A REDUX cut was released 2010-12-15 featuring additional footage and re-shot scenes.
2010-07-23 The Yes Men Fix The World The Yes Men Special 'P2P Edition' of the film including new footage from the House of Commerce.
2010-10-02 Person of Interest Gregory Bayne
2010-11-10 Snowblind Kilian Manning
2010-11-10 Four Eyed Monsters Arin Crumley, Susan Buice
2010-12-15 Pioneer One S01E02 Bracey Smith
2011-01-28 Beyond the Game Jos de Putter
2011-03-14 Zenith Part 1 Anonymous
2011-03-28 Pioneer One S01E03 Bracey Smith
2011-04-28 Zenith Part 2 Anonymous
2011-04-28 Pioneer One S01E04 Bracey Smith
2011-05-19 The Tunnel Carlo Ledesma
2011-06-03 Zenith Part 3 Anonymous
2011-07-01 A Lonely Place for Dying Justin Eugene Evans
2011-10-05 Pioneer One S01E05 Bracey Smith
2011-12-13 Pioneer One S01E06 Bracey Smith Season 1 finale
2011-12-27 Otherworlds various six original Sci-Fi short films: The Third Letter, Perspective, The Return of John Frum, Dimensional Meltdown, Candy, Kitty-Kitty and IDT
2012-01-20 The Notorious Newman Brothers Ryan Noel Retro Films Entertainment & Substance Production
2012-02-21 L5 Stanley Von Medvey Studio Hemogoblin

Free Film Fund[edit]

As from 17 January 2012, five percent of all VODO income was allocated to the Free Film Fund, an online fundraising forum for the development of free-to-share productions.[7]


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