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The Victorian Ornithological Research Group (VORG) is a small project-focused ornithological group of amateurs and professionals based in Victoria, Australia. It was formed in 1962. It publishes a bulletin, VORG Notes. The objectives of the group are to:

  • promote and encourage the study of all aspects of bird life by any means, including:
    • field studies
    • participation in the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme
    • cooperation with the National Parks and Wildlife Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources or its equivalent for the time being
  • encourage and assist in the publication of the results of such work
  • provide a meeting place for discussion groups, the reading of papers and social activities
  • make provision for the retention of field records, diaries and other relevant documents
  • cooperate with persons or organisations having interests similar to those of VORG
  • coordinate the activities of groups engaged in work consistent with the above objects

Current projects include

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