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Virtual Reality Bangers, Inc.
Founded1 February 2015; 3 years ago (2015-02-01)
  • Daniel Abramovich, CEO
  • Boris Smirnoff, CTO
Los Angeles, California.
United States[1]
Area served
ProductsVirtual reality pornographic films
Number of employees
4 (2016)[1]

Virtual Reality Bangers, Inc., (also known as VR Bangers) is a Los Angeles-based company that produces and distributes virtual reality adult entertainment.


VR Bangers was founded in 2015 with the aim of exploiting VR technology for rendering pornographic content.[1] The company creates and distributes virtual reality adult contents via a network of Internet websites. The company's flagship website VRBangers.com was launched in January 21, 2016.[2]

By early 2016, the site had a total of 15 videos available for viewing.[1]

In 2016, VR Bangers teamed up with British VR firm AuraVisor to offer pay-per-view porn on a VR headset at several hotels in Las Vegas.[3][4][5]

Later that year, the company released the first-ever VR Parody film titled “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Cock - An XXX Parody”.[6]

In early 2017, the company launched a program aimed to bring VR headsets to fertility clinics with an initial launch at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles.[7][8]

In May 2017, the company launched a controversial advertising campaign that encouraged men to "cheat on their wives" by wearing a VR headset during sexual intercourse.[9][10]

Later that year, the company launched its VR tube site LaidHub.com.[11]


As of 2018, the company is led by CEO Daniel Abramovich.[1][10] Boris Smirnoff is the current CTO.[12]

Business model[edit]

The company focuses on point-of-view live-action pornography as opposed to straight or motion-capture driven animation.[1] The company's foundation was driven in part by a perceived growing boredom of viewers with conventional video pornography.[1]

As of early 2016, the company remained a self-funded venture without significant investors.[1]

Technological Advancements[edit]

The company's platform supports streaming at Ultra HD 4K resolution with binaural sound delivery, with backward compatibility for lower technology playback.[1]

In May 2016, the company announced a collaboration with Amsterdam-based Kiiro, a manufacturer of teledildonics and haptic technology with the aim of syncing VR experiences and smart sex toys. The toys have sensors that feed "pressure data" from a female performer's toy to a remote viewer's responsive male masturbator, or 'sleeve,' in real time.[13]

In 2017, the company developed and released its proprietary VR access app, branded as PLAY’A.[14]

POV Head Rig[edit]

The company is credited with developing the POV Head rig,[15] a standalone virtual reality camera in the shape of a human head equipped with stereoscopic cameras in the eyes, binaural sound microphones, and multiple cameras across its surface to achieve 4K resolution that allow actors to provide a more realistic experience for customers.[16]


Year Award
2018 2018 XBiz Award for The Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene[17]
2018 2018 Cybersocket Award for the Most Innovative Company of 2018[18]


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