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Vintage Sports-Car Club
Abbreviation VSCC
Formation 1934
Purpose Motor racing club
  • Oxfordshire
Region served
7500 (4000 in 1961)[1]

The Vintage Sports-Car Club or VSCC is a British motor racing club. It was established by five founder members: Colin Nicholson, Bruce Nicholson, Ned Lewis, Harry Bowler and Vivian Brookes, and known initially (October 34) as the Veteran Sports-Car Club, and from November 1934 was known as The Vintage Sports-Car Club.[2][3] Its aim was to promote the pastime of motoring- the VSCC was first started in order to allow the "not so rich" to enjoy historic motoring.[2][4] Tim Carson joined the committee in 1935 and Tom Rolt in 1938, with S. C. H. Davis having become president in 1937.[3] General guidelines made the club principally for cars built before 1931.[1] This guideline generally remains in force, although cars built before the Second World War but conforming to standards set in 1931 are also allowed.[5][6]

1937 E.R.A. 12C at VSCC Curborough Speed Trials 2009

As well as social events (tours, and 'Concours' gatherings), the club, which has a membership of some 7,500, organises a range of motoring competitions such as driving tests, hill climbs, races, road rallies[7] and sprints.[1] Their most famous race is held at Silverstone Circuit in April of every year.[8]


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