VSDC Free Video Editor

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VSDC Free Video Editor
Developer(s)Flash-Integro LLC
Initial release2011; 13 years ago (2011)
Stable release
8.2 / June 7, 2023; 10 months ago (2023-06-07)
Operating systemWindows
Size124 Mb
Available in13 languages
List of languages
English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Urdu, Farsi, Turkish, Hindi

VSDC Free Video Editor is a non-linear editing (NLE) application developed by Flash-Integro LLC. The program[1] is capable of processing high-resolution footage including 4K UHD, 3D and VR 360-degree videos. VSDC allows for applying post production effects, live color correction, and motion tracking. It supports VirtualDub plug-ins as well as the ability to capture video from screen, record voice, save multimedia files to numerous formats including those pre-configured for publishing on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.[2]


VSDC runs on Windows 2000 and later. The editor supports video, audio, and image files recorded on smartphones, action cameras, professional cameras, drones,[3] and can be used for all common video editing tasks[4] necessary for producing broadcast-quality, high-definition video.[5]

Video processing[edit]

VSDC project's setting interface: fields for basic information about the video project

Basic video editing features[edit]

  • Cutting, splitting into parts, merging, trimming, cropping, rotating, flipping, playback reversal, changing volume
  • Resizing, quality and resolution settings
  • Video stabilization
  • Speed change, including 2 reframing modes for a perfect slow-motion effect
  • Text and subtitle insertion
  • Text effects: Recoloring, Shift position, Glyph FX, scrolling text effect
  • Curve lines allows for drawing the lines and wrapping text around them
  • Slideshow wizard offering 70+ transition effects
  • Snapshots
  • DeLogo filter that automatically hides unwanted elements in a video with a blurred or pixelated mask
  • 360-degree video to 2D video conversion
  • 3D video to 2D video conversion
  • Quick Instagram-like filters
  • In-painting mask modes to help repair corrupted pieces of an image or video.
  • Full-featured text editor for titles and text-related effects.
  • Embedded video converter supporting more than 20 formats
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Built-in voice recorder[6]

Advanced post-production[edit]

VSDC Motion Tracking
VSDC color correction: hue & saturation curve settings

Motion tracking—the software allows for tracking the movement of any element in a video and attaching a title, an icon, an image, or a mask to the resulted trajectory. With this feature, users can apply a censorship mask to a moving object, and make a title follow the object it's attached to.
Color correction
Apart from the standard tools of automatic contrast, brightness, and temperature adjustment, VSDC[7] offers color correction solutions:

  • LUT editor that allows users to apply built-in and 3rd-party LUTs within VSDC, as well as create unique custom LUTs and export them for future use in 3-rd party editors
  • RGB curve modifying the aspect of the whole video or image per selected color (red, green, blue or white).
  • Lift, Gamma, Gain & Offset color wheels for primary color correction
  • Hue Saturation curves defining color region per six colors and enables to modify the aspect of a video or an image based on the selected color.
  • Gradient tool allowing for creating a gradual blend between multiple colors
  • 20+ standard color adjustments
  • The Scopes window, including the Vectorscope, allows to monitor the results of the color correction in real-time mode.

Mask tool – enables to apply one or several filters to a certain part of a video or an image
30+ blending modes
Movement and Time remapping – the objects on the scene can move following a chosen trajectory with the speed set by keyframes
Animation – illusion of motion and change of any static objects in the scene by means of the rapid display of a sequence of these objects
Multicam editing - this feature allows for switching between different camera angles and makes it easy to capture the perfect shot
Chroma Key [8] – 3 modes for removing any color from the video (typically used for replacing green background): HSL, YUV, and "By Chroma Key mask"
Video effects:

  • 15 filters including De-interlacing, Pixelize, De-logo and Blur
  • 8 transformation effects including Zoom, Mirror, Distort, and Resample
  • OpenGL effects: Lens flare, Bokeh glare, and Raindrops
  • A set of transition effects including transparency adjustment (Paper burn, Flow transformation, Shattered glass, Page turn and more)
  • Bezier curve animation editing
  • Dynamic TV effects (Aging TV, Broken TV, Noise TV)
  • VirtualDub plugins support

AI Art Generator - the feature that allows for producing artistic interpretations of images and videos.
Face Landmarks - the AI-powered tool that allows for placing a stylized motion-tracked mask on a face of a person in the video.
Charts and diagrams - 3D charts including Pie, Radar, Bar, Spline, Step Line, Spline area, Funnel, Pyramid, etc. for optimized display of any complex data.
360-degree and 3D video editing
Color keyframes – the feature that allows for assigning colors to created keyframes when working with effects with a color parameter. The algorithm will calculate the linear color gradient between assigned colors and create a nice color animation.
Proxy file support - the feature that allows for creating lightweight media copies of high-resolution videos to improve the software performance and ensure smoother editing.

Audio processing[edit]

VSDC allows for splitting a video into audio and video layers and editing them as separate elements: as waveforms and video tracks.
Audio editing tools and effects:

  • The Audio Spectrum tool animates a waveform to the rhythm of music or any other sounds.
  • The built-in Voice over feature allows for recording voice and adding it to the footage.
  • Audio amplitude effects (normalization, fading in and out, amplification) help to correct an imperfect soundtrack.
  • Delay, time-stretch and reverse effects are tailored to give audio tracks relevant sounding: as if sung by a chorus, stretched in time or played backward.
  • DeNoise tools (Median filter and Audio gate) for audio noise reduction.
  • Simultaneous work with several audio tracks
  • Edit the beat - a tool for synchronizing video effects and music beat automatically.

Formats and codecs[edit]

Import formats
Video Audio Image
MXF, WebM, AVI, QuickTime (MP4/M4V, 3GP/2G2, QuickTime File Format),
HDVideo/AVCHD (MTS, M2TS, TS, MOD, TOD), Windows Media (WMV, ASF, DVR-MS),
DVD/VOB, VCD/SVCD, MPEG/MPEG-1/DAT, Matroska (.mkv),
RealMedia (RM, RMVB), Flash Video (SWF, FLV), DV, AMV, MTV, NUT,
H.264/MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.265/HEVC, SVG, WebP, GIF
MP3/MP2, WMA, M4A,
AAC, FLAC, Ogg, RealAudio, VOC, WAV, AC3, AIFF,
MPA, AU, Monkey's Audio, CUE, CDA
Export formats
PC Web iPhone/iPad DVD Mobile PSP Xbox MP3/MP4
AMV, MPG, QuickTime File Format (.mov), WMV,
Matroska (.mkv), RealMedia, SWF, Flash Video
for social networks including YouTube,
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo,
as well as MP4, WebM, FlashVideo,
3GP, 3G2,

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