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VTI Instruments Corporation
Industry Aerospace, Defense, Power & Energy
Founded Irvine, CA (1990)
Headquarters Irvine, CA
Website www.vtiinstruments.com

VTI Instruments sells precision instrumentation for electronic signal distribution, data acquisition and monitoring. The company’s products are used to automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems as well as to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity of aircraft, engines, and other large structures.

Formerly known as VXI Technology,[1] VTI serves the following markets: aerospace, defense, and energy and power generation. VTI’s headquarters is located in Irvine, California in the heart of Orange County with additional offices located in Cleveland, Ohio; Lake Stevens, Washington; and Bangalore, India. Worldwide sales and support is provided by a network of manufacturer’s representatives and distributors.


Founded in 1990, VTI initially developed prototyping tools and offered custom design services. By 1997, VTI had introduced two new VXI-based instrumentation and signal switching platforms for functional test/ATE – the VMIP and SMIP series. In 2003, VTI purchased Agilent’s mechanical test business unit,[2] which expanded the company’s product offering to address precision data acquisition and signal conditioning applications.

In 2005, VTI cofounded the LXI standard,[3] an Ethernet-based instrumentation platform for both rack and distributed applications. VTI’s first LXI Class A products were on the market by 2006 .[4] In 2009, VTI introduced the EX1266 as the industry’s first LXI Class A[5] modular switching and measurement system.[6]

On Feb 10, 2014 VTI Instruments was acquired by Ametek, Inc., Berwyn, PA, for a reported price of $74 million. VTI Instruments annual sales at the time were approximately $38 million.[7]

Industry Solutions from VTI Instruments[edit]

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Functional Test: High-density modular signal and I/O solutions
    • Mil/aerospace
    • Transportation
    • Aircraft avionics
    • Medical
  • Temperature, Voltage and Pressure: Precision integrated data acquisition signal conditioning solutions
    • Thermal chamber testing
    • Environmental test screening
    • Jet engine monitoring
    • Health monitoring
  • Structural and Strain Test: Aerospace and civil test engineers perform structural design by doing “real-world” testing on scale models and proofing of final constructions. VTI has installations of structural test systems ranging from 10 to over 10,000 channels.
    • Aircraft fatigue
    • Transport tunnel stress
  • NVH and DSA: Scalable on-board DSPs, multi-channel independent digitizers, and signal conditioning help capture analog signals.
    • Acoustic chamber control
    • Control systems
    • NVH
    • Modal
  • Signal Routing and Distribution: Signal switching systems route signals of interest between test system instruments and the device under test. VTI's high-density, modular switching solutions employ extensive signal shielding and relays to ensure that the test system is “minimally aware” of the switch’s presence.
    • Avionics
    • Missiles
    • Transportation electronics
    • Engines
    • Launch vehicles
    • Radars

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