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The Volkswagen Type 276 Schlepperfahrzeug (tractor vehicle) was a derivative of the Kübelwagen Typ82 modified to enable it to tow a load, gun or a trailer, which would be deployed in a unit composed of two modified Schlepperfahrzeug, Infantry support gun 75mm IG 37, an ammunition trailer laden with 16, three-round cases of AP shell, and seven men (drivers included). The Type 276 only saw light at the end of 1944 and never went into mass production.


Apart from having a standard Wehrmacht tow-hook fitted to the rear cross-body member, the Typ276 differed from the standard Typ82 on the following points:

Suspension and tyres[edit]

On the first model, the rear suspension was strengthened, and the car shod with bigger tyres (BF 200C16) on 7.00C16 rims (with a smaller offset inwards: 13 mm. instead of 33 mm). These were the same tyres and rims fitted on the Typ166 'Schwimmwagen'.


To improve traction which proved to be grossly inadequate when towing off-road, these Typ276 were later fitted with different gears in the rear axle reduction boxes (14:29 = 1:2.07 instead of 15:21 = 1:1.4); this increased the ground clearance by 15 mm (19/32") at the rear, brought the top speed down from 80 km/h (50 mph) to 54 km/h (34 mph) at an engine speed of 3300 rpm, and lowered the rated mileage to 6.35 l/100km (37 mpg) on the road.


To prevent over-revving, especially when driving without a gun or trailer, the engine was fitted with a governor on the generator shaft (as fitted on the Typ155 stationary engine).

Drawbar pull[edit]

With these modifications, the drawbar pull reached, on tarmac, 700 kg (1550 lb) when starting from a stand, and 500 kg (1100 lb) at a speed of 8 km/h (5 mph) and the Type 276 would create a drawbar pull of about 550–650 kg (1210–50 lb) at top speed (of course this is not to be confused with the actual towing capacity, which is much greater; the drawbar pull is a rating of torque, and indicates the weight which the vehicle could theoretically lift straight off of the ground. A vehicle with a drawbar pull of 500kg could easily tow a trailer weighing 2,000kg or much more).




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