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Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group
Private Limited
Founded 1970
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India
Website www.venkys.com

The V H Group is an Indian company with interests in poultry, processed food, animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

The V H Group has its headquarters in Pune, and has offices in London, Morocco, Switzerland, Syria, South Africa, Brazil, Moscow, UAE, Singapore, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines. The Group has production plants in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Switzerland, and exports to 42 countries across the world.[citation needed]

The V H Group is today owned and controlled by the family of B. V. Rao, who founded the company in 1970, along with couple of his friends, Jagapati Rao Chitturi being one of them. His daughter, Anuradha Desai, serves as chairperson whilst his sons, Balaji and Venkatesh Rao both sit on the board.[citation needed]


  • Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Venky's (India) Limited
  • VRB
  • B.V.Bio-Corp Pvt. Ltd.
  • Uttara Foods & Feeds Pvt. Ltd.
  • Uttara Impex Pvt. Ltd.
  • Eastern Hatcheries Ltd.
  • Venky's Brazil Ltd.
  • Venky's London Ltd. (Blackburn Rovers F.C.)
  • Venky's Vietnam Ltd.
  • Venky's Singapore Pvt. Ltd.
  • VH Group Bangladesh
  • Bala Industries & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Key People[edit]

  • Anuradha Desai (Chairperson)
  • B Venkatesh Rao (Vice-Chairman)
  • B Balaji Rao (Managing Director & CEO)
  • Lokesh Yadav (Director)
  • A G Bauskar (Company Secretary)
  • Jittendra M Desai (Director)
  • C Jagapati Rao (Founder Director)
  • Ashok Mahajan (Director)
  • Surinder Kumar (Director)
  • Amrit Kapur (Director)
  • Rajeshwar Singh (Direct)


Main article: Blackburn Rovers F.C.

The group owns a controlling stake in the English Football League Championship football club Blackburn Rovers having bought 99.9% of the club's shares in November 2010 through a subsidiary, Venky's London Limited, in a deal worth £43 million by using a debt facility.[1] After sacking Sam Allardyce as the club's manager,[2] Steve Kean was given the job, an appointment which was shrouded in a great deal of controversy since Kean's agent Jerome Anderson had earlier played a major role in advising Venky's during the takeover of the club in the preceding months.[3][4][5] Venky's oversaw an unsuccessful period resulting in relegation to the Championship at the end of the 2011–12 Premier League season ending an 11-year run in the top flight.[6][7][8] Despite Kean leaving Blackburn Rovers in September 2012, criticism of Venky's running of the club has continued, with both fans and the media calling them into question.[9]

The group is also the sponsor for the Mumbai Fighters team in the World Series of Boxing and has sponsored the Indian Premier League, the ATP Mumbai Tennis Tournament and the Champions League Twenty20.[citation needed]

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