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V PAY is a type of debit card issued by Visa Europe. It provides a fully chip & PIN based card that may be co-branded with various national debit card schemes, such as the German Girocard[1][2][3] or Italy's PagoBancomat.[4] V PAY is designed to provide a SEPA-compliant card that enables usage across the whole of Europe,[5] and to compete with MasterCard's similar Maestro debit card product. V PAY began to be accepted at merchants in France and Greece in 2005,[6] and acceptance has since expanded to more European countries. By 2010, 14,000,000 V PAY cards had been issued .[citation needed]

V PAY, unlike its main competitor Maestro,[which?] may not be used in non-chip & PIN environments, limiting its acceptance to those countries and merchants that have upgraded to this system, and increasing the safety against fraud. Unlike Maestro, which is issued and accepted globally, V PAY is designed as a specifically European product, and is not issued or accepted outside European countries.[5]

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