V slepých uličkách

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"V slepých uličkách"
A screenshot of the official music video
Song by Miro Žbirka and Marika Gombitová
from the album Doktor Sen
Released 1980 (1980)
Recorded 1980
Genre Pop
Length 4:04
Label OPUS (#9143 0538)
Producer(s) Ján Lauko
Audio sample
Music video
"V slepých uličkách" on YouTube

"V slepých uličkách" (English: On Dead-End Streets) is a duet by Miro Žbirka and Marika Gombitová released on OPUS in 1980.[1]

The song, written by Žbirka and Kamil Peteraj was originally issued as B-side of the Žbirka's solo single "Klaun z domu č. 6", taken also from his debut studio album Doktor Sen. An international, however solo version of the composition entitled "The Love Song" featured on the Žbirka's export album Doctor Dream (1981).

In 2007, the duet competed in the Slovak national poll organized by Slovenská televízia, being nominated as Hit storočia (English: Hit of the Century), but lost in favor of Gombitová's solo track "Vyznanie".[2]

Official versions[edit]

  1. "V slepých uličkách" - original version, duet, 1980
  2. "The Love Song" - international version, only solo (by Žbirka), 1981
  3. "You Know I Love You (Love Song)" - re-released international version, only solo (by Žbirka), 2008

Credits and personnel[edit]


Hit storočia[edit]

The Hit storočia (English: Hit of the Century) was a national TV competition organized by Slovenská televízia. Within its three-month run (beginning April 20, 2007), the viewers voted live the most popular Slovak songs from the 1930s to 1990s. Overall, nine songs were picked to compete in the Finale evening (July 6, 2007). Gombitová entered the show overall with three songs, however winning with a song written by Janko Lehotský and Kamil Peteraj, "Vyznanie" from 1979.[2]

Year Nominated work Category Result
2007 "V slepých uličkách" Hit of the Century Nominated

Villach Music Festival[edit]

A solo version of the composition performed by Žbirka himself at a music festival in Villach, Austria in 1982 won the main award. Simultaneously, he also received an award from Ö3 radio station broadcast by ORF.[3]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1982 "The Love Song" Villach Music Festival Won
Ö3 Award Won

You Know I Love You (Love Song)[edit]

"You Know I Love You (Love Song)"
Song by Miro Žbirka
from the album Like a Hero: The Best of Miro (Remixed 2008)
Language English
Released 2008 (2008)
Genre Pop music
Length 3:43
Label Universal
Audio sample
"You Know I Love You (Love Song)"

A new international version of the song, entitled "You Know I Love You (Love Song)", Miro Žbirka recorded for his remixed greatest hits set Like a Hero: The Best of Miro (Remixed 2008), released on Universal Music. Although, with no contribution by Gombitová, the new record appeared also as the second album's track.

In media[edit]

In 2005, the American actor/director Eli Roth used the original version of the duet, "V slepých uličkách", in a sequence of his horror film Hostel, co-produced by Quentin Tarantino in 2005. The composition wasn't attached also to the original soundtrack album, however.

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