Važecká Cave

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Važecká cave

Važecká Cave (Slovak: Važecká jaskyňa, and Hungarian: Vázseci-barlang) is a 400m long stalactite limestone cave. Lying at an altitude of 748 metres, it is located near the village of Važec, in the Liptov Basin, near the Biely Váh River, on the northern edge of the Low Tatra mountain range in northern Slovakia. The cave was discovered in 1922. With the length of 530 m, 230 m are open to the public.

Although it is one of the shorter caves, it is known for its rich stalactite decoration, as well as for its cave fauna.

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Coordinates: 49°3′20″N 19°58′19″E / 49.05556°N 19.97194°E / 49.05556; 19.97194