Vaastu Shastra (film)

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Vaastu Shastra
Vaastu Shastra.jpg
Movie poster
Directed bySaurab Narang
Produced byRam Gopal Varma
Written byCharu Du Acharya
StarringPeeya Rai Chowdhary
J. D. Chakravarthy
Sushmita Sen
Music byAmar Mohile
CinematographySachin K. Krishn
Edited byArif Sheikh
Distributed byK Sera Sera
Release date
  • 22 October 2004 (2004-10-22)
Running time
106 minutes

Vaastu Shastra (lit.'Science of architecture') is a low budget 2004 Indian horror film produced by Ram Gopal Varma and directed by Saurab Narang, starring Peeya Rai Chowdhary, Sushmita Sen, and J. D. Chakravarthy. It was released on 22nd October 2004, and was declared a flop at the box office.[1][2] Vaastu Shastra was dubbed into Telugu as Marri Chettu.[3]


Dinesh Dubey (Zakir Hussain) who is a worker in school comes to a house which has the haunted tree. He is killed by unseen forces. The story then moves around a couple Virag Rao (J. D. Chakravarthy), and Jhilmil Rao (Sushmita Sen) buying a new home in the suburbs of Mumbai (where Dinesh Dubey died). Jhilmil, a gynaecologist, and her husband Virag work round the clock — and are hardly present for their little son. The problem comes when he starts making imaginary friends. At least that's what Jhilmil and Virag think. But their son starts getting obsessed with his "friends" (the undead):- Manish and Jyoti two kids, Dinesh Dubey and his witch wife.

Rukma (Rasika Joshi) joins Jhilmil's house as a new maid. Rukma also comes to know about Manish and Jyoti while babysitting Rohan. Rohan points under the bed where Manish and Jyoti are hiding and when Rukam peeps under the bed Manish throws his tennis ball at her and injures her while she misunderstands thinking that Rohan threw the ball purposely. It is also revealed that Rukma is a thief and is spotted thieving by Rohan who in turn blackmails and mistreats Rohan not to reveal the truth. She is then brutally murdered by the ghost of Manish on a lone road while returning home. Jhilmil is worried and tries finding out why all of this is happening. Jhilmil's sister Radhika aka Rads (Peeya Rai Chowdhary) invites her boyfriend Murli (Purab Kohli) over when the whole family goes out to watch a movie. Murli comes over with a bottle of Champagne and a red rose and the duo get down to business without further ado. They both have sex when he suddenly vanishes. She thinks that Murli is playing a game of "hide and seek". She drops her silky satin nighty to entice him. However, she sees the whole Zombie family staring at her (including both the zombie kids) and gets horrified. When Jhilmil comes home, she finds Murli's mutilated dead body in Radhika's bed and finds her sister outside, hanging dead from the tree.

Jhilmil is warned time and again several times by a mad man (Rajpal Yadav) to vacate the house. It is revealed that Rohan's "imaginary friends" are ghosts who have been telling their son to move out of their house. Virag too is murdered by the zombies and returns as undead and tries to kill Jhilmil and Rohan. Inspector Bhupal Gorpade (Sayaji Shinde) who comes to help Jhilmil is murdered as well. Bhupal also becomes undead and chases Jhilmil. Somehow, Jhilmil crashes her car in the banyan tree and comes out. the car explodes burning the banyan tree vanquishing the evil spirits. Then Jhilmil is admitted to the hospital with Rohan. At Jhilmil's House the Mad Man becomes happy seeing the tree has been burned. He starts pissing on the tree but it turns out that the spirits were not put to rest. The ghost grabs his neck and very brutally murders him as well. Back at the hospital, the doctor advises Jhilmil to take care. The film closes with Rohan's eyes turning black, similar to Manish's eyes, indicating that they are not free from the Malevolent entity.


Actor/actress Role
Peeya Rai Chowdhary Radhika
Sushmita Sen Jhilmil Rao
J. D. Chakravarthi Virag Rao
Ahsaas Channa Rohan
Rajpal Yadav Mad Guy
Purab Kohli Radhika's boyfriend
Rasika Joshi Rukma (Maid)
Sayaji Shinde Inspector Bhupal Gorpade
Zakir Hussain Dinesh Dubey[2]


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