Vaavu Atoll

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Vaavu Atoll
Vaavu Atoll.png
Country Maldives
Corresponding geographic atoll(s) Felidhu Atoll
Location 3° 41' N and 3° 13' N
Capital Felidhoo
 • Atoll chief Ali Rasheed Abdul Rahman [1]
 • Total 1,601
Letter code J
Dhivehi letter code V (ވ)
• Number of islands 19
• Inhabited islands Felidhoo * Fulidhoo * Keyodhoo * Rakeedhoo * Thinadhoo
• Uninhabited islands Aarah, Alimathaa, Anbaraa, Bodumohoraa, Dhiggiri, Fussfaruhuraa, Hingaahuraa, Hulhidhoo, Kuda-anbaraa, Kudhiboli, Kunavashi, Maafussaru, Medhugiri, Thunduhuraa, Raggadu, Ruhhurihuraa, Vashugiri, Vattaru, Fottheyo
Resort islands, airports and industrial islands are also considered uninhabited.
The uninhabited island of Hulhidhoo as viewed from Thinadhoo

Vaavu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives comprising the natural atolls of Felidhu Atoll and the Vattaru Reef.

It is the smallest administrative atoll in terms of population.

This atoll is located 40 miles from capital Malé, 60 minutes by speedboat and 3 hours by dhoni.

The Vaavu Atoll administrative division includes two geographical atolls; Felidhu Atoll and the small egg-shaped Vattaru Reef, which has only one little islet, Vattaru and is 9 kilometers in diameter.

The easternmost geographical point of the Maldives is located at Fottheyo Muli, close to Foththeyo-bodufushi Island.[1]

No remains from the Buddhist period have been found on this atoll.

NOTE: Haa Alifu, Haa Dhaalu, Shaviyani, Noonu, Raa, Baa, Kaafu, etc. (including Vaavu) are code letters assigned to the present administrative divisions of the Maldives. They are not the proper names of the natural atolls that make up these divisions. Some atolls are divided into two administrative divisions while other divisions are made up of two or more natural atolls. The order followed by the code letters is from North to South, beginning with the first letters of the Thaana alphabet used in Dhivehi. These code letters are not accurate from the geographical and cultural point of view. However, they have become popular among tourists and foreigners in the Maldives who find them easier to pronounce than the true atoll names in Dhivehi, (save a few exceptions, like Ari Atoll).[2]


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Coordinates: 3°28′19″N 73°32′49″E / 3.47194°N 73.54694°E / 3.47194; 73.54694