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Vacchiano Farm
Vacchiano Farm logo.png
Location 135 Port Colden Road, Washington, New Jersey, USA
Coordinates 40.771410 N, 74.960093 W
Appellation Warren Hills AVA
First vines planted 2004
Opened to the public 2009
Key people Anthony Vacchiano Sr.,
Anthony Vacciano Jr. (owners)[1]
Acres cultivated 11
Cases/yr 2,500 (2013)
Other products Breads, cheeses, fruits, meats, pies, sauces, vegetables
Distribution NJ farmers' markets
Tasting No tasting room

Vacchiano Farm is a winery in the Port Colden section of Washington Township in Warren County, New Jersey.[2][3] A family produce and livestock farm since 1983, the vineyard was first planted in 2004, and began to sell its wine in 2009.[4][5] Vacchiano has 11 acres of grapes under cultivation, and produces 2,500 cases of wine per year.[5][6] The winery is named after the family that owns it.[1][7]

Wines and other products[edit]

Vacchiano Farm is in the Warren Hills AVA, and produces red and white wines from American hybrid grapes.[8][9] Vacchiano also makes and sells breads, cheeses, fruits, meats, pies, sauces, and vegetables.[9][10]

Licensing, associations, and distribution[edit]

Vacchiano has a plenary winery license from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which allows it to produce an unrestricted amount of wine, operate up to 15 off-premises sales rooms, and ship up to 12 cases per year to consumers in-state or out-of-state.[11][12] The winery is not a member of the Garden State Wine Growers Association.[13] Vacchiano does not have a tasting room, but distributes their wines and other products at farmers' markets in New Jersey.[10][14]

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Coordinates: 40°46′17″N 74°57′36″W / 40.771410°N 74.960093°W / 40.771410; -74.960093