Vaccinium erythrocarpum

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Vaccinium erythrocarpum
Vaccinium erythrocarpum BB-1913.jpg
1913 illustration[1]
Scientific classification
V. erythrocarpum
Binomial name
Vaccinium erythrocarpum
Michx. 1803
  • all are synonyms of subspecies japonicum
  • Vaccinium japonicum Miq.
  • Hugeria japonica (Miq.) Nakai
  • Oxycoccoides japonica (Miq.) Nakai
  • Oxycoccus japonicus (Miq.) Makino
  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum var. fauriei Sleumer
  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum var. ciliare Matsumura
  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum var. sinicum (Nakai) Rehder
  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum var. lasiostemon Hayata

Vaccinium erythrocarpum – also commonly known as mountain blueberry,[4] southern mountain cranberry, bearberry, arando, and dingleberry[5] – is a species of cranberry.

Vaccinium erythrocarpum has an oddly discontinuous distribution, with one subspecies in the southeastern United States and the other in east Asia.[6][3]

Vaccinium erythrocarpum is a deciduous shrub. Its flowers bloom in June; the individual flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by insects. They produce scarlet, transparent berries. It grows in woodlands and areas of dappled shade.[6]

  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum subsp. erythrocarpum (Miq.) Kloet – southern Appalachian Mountains of southeastern United States (from West Virginia to northeastern Georgia)[7]
  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum subsp. japonicum – China, Japan, Korea[6][8]


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