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Coordinates: 41°57′38″N 24°27′23″E / 41.96056°N 24.45639°E / 41.96056; 24.45639

Panoramic view of Vacha dam reservoir
River Vacha Gorge at river's entry to Krichim Dam Reservoir

The Vacha (Bulgarian: Въча Bulgarian pronunciation: [ˈvətʃa]) is a river in south Bulgaria, one of the main right tributaries of the Maritsa. It is 105 km long and is formed by the confluence of the Shirokolashka reka and the Byunovska reka.


The Vacha passes through Krichim Dam and Vacha Dam that secure drinking water for Plovdiv and its plains. It runs through the Rhodopes forming a deep valley where the two dams are located. An important town in the valley is Devin. It is the second largest river that has its source in the Rhodopes after the Arda. The Vacha does not flow close to any industrial enterprises, which is the reason for its clear water. The origin of its valley is similar to that of the Chepelare River.

The Vacha River in Krichim.