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Devansh Sanghvi
Public company
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1907[1]
Headquarters Ahmedabad, India[2][3]
Key people
Ramchandrabhai Gandhi, (Chairman emirate),
Rajesh Gandhi Managing Director,
Devanshu Gandhi Managing Director
Products Ice cream, Processed food, Foreign Exchange, Chemicals, Real Estate
Revenue Increase4.5 billion (US$70 million)
Number of employees
Parent Vadilal Group

Vadilal Industries Ltd is India’s second largest ice cream player[citation needed]. The company is also one of the largest processed food players in India[citation needed] with significant exports of frozen vegetables and ready to eat snacks, curries and breads[citation needed].


Vadilal House, Ahmedabad

Vadilal Industries has come a long way since its inception in 1926[citation needed], when Vadilal Gandhi started a soda fountain in 1926[citation needed]. He passed on the business to his son, Ranchod Lal, who ran a one-man operation[citation needed]. Eventually, Ranchod Lal's sons, Ramchandra and Lakshman, inherited the business and they were instrumental in giving a new direction to the company[citation needed]. The duo imparted a new vision[which?] to the venture and infused a spirit of calculated risk-taking[clarification needed] into the firm. As a result, by the 1970s, the Vadilal Company had already evolved into a modern corporate entity[citation needed].


Vadilal Industries has extensive reach. A major success factor has been its ability to cater to different market segments through multiple product ranges. Vadilal has range of ice creams in the country with 150 plus flavours and they are sold in a variety of more than 250 packs and forms. The range includes cones, candies, bars, ice-lollies, small cups, big cups, family packs, and economy packs. It offers something for all tastes, preferences and pockets.

Production Facilities[edit]

Vadilal Industries has two ice cream production facilities – one at Pundhra in Gandhinagar district, Gujarat and the other one at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. It has a very strong distribution network of 50,000 retailers, 250 SKUs (stock keeping units), 550 distributors, 32 CNF and 250 vehicles for delivery of goods. Through the franchisee route, Vadilal has set up over 140 'Happinezz' parlors for selling ice creams and new ones are coming up every month.

Processed Foods[edit]

Vadilal entered the processed foods industry to optimise utilisation of its extensive cold chain network in the 1990s. It currently caters to the domestic and export markets with products such as frozen vegetables and ready to eat snacks, curries and breads. This business is poised for strong growth in the coming years owing to greater urbanisation within India and increasing demand for Indian food amongst developed regions like the USA and western Europe.

The company’s national ice cream market share would have been even higher but for the fact that it does not operate in major consuming regions like Maharashtra and the four southern states as these are covered by another faction of the Vadilal family.


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