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Vadim Novinsky (born 3 June 1963 in Staraya Russa[1]) is a Ukrainian (since May 2012[2]) businessman, owner of Smart Holding Group, and politician.[2] According to Forbes Novinsky's Net Worth in March 2013 was $1.9 billion.[3]


Novinsky was born 3 June 1963 in Staraya Russa (then USSR, now Russia).[1] In 1985 he graduated from the Leningrad Academy of Civil Aviation in engineering management systems.[1]

From 1985 till 1986 he worked for various companies in Russia.[1] Novinsky worked in Ukraine since 1996 starting with Lukoil North West and then buying Ukrainian metallurgy companies.[1][3]

On 29 May 2012 Novinsky obtained Ukrainian citizenship "for distinguished services to the country" under the order of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.[2] Novinsky lives in Kiev.[2] He also has a residence in Saint Petersburg (Russia).[1]

As an independent Novinsky won the 7 July 2013 by-election in constituency 224 in Sevastopol (located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula) with 53.41% with a turnout of 23.91%.[2][4] Before the election Novinsky had stated he would join the Party of Regions if he won.[5] He did so on 5 September 2013.[6] After the (controversial) March 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia Novinsky was banned from entering the peninsula by the Crimean authorities.[7][8]

In the October 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election Novinsky was again re-elected into parliament; this time after placing 11th on the electoral list of Opposition Bloc.[9][10]

Controlled assets[edit]

With partner and fellow billionaire, Andrei Klyamko Novinsky owns Ukraine's Smart Holding Group.[3] In 2006 they united their Ukrainian metallurgy companies into Smart Holding Group.[3] In 2007 they exchanged them for a stake in Metinvest.[3] Smart Holding Group has a 23.75% stake in iron ore producer Metinvest.[2] Smart Holding also owns large assets in the oil and gas sector, shipbuilding, development, agriculture and its controlling Unex Bank and BM Bank.[2] Its revenues in 2011 stood at $14.2 billion.[2]

Novinsky also has stakes in oil and gas company Regal Petroleum and supermarket chain Amstor.[3]

Philanthropy and sports[edit]

Novinsky is actively involved in various charitable project and is Honorary President of FC Sevastopol.[1] Smart Holding Group supports several sports teams.[1]

Private life[edit]

Novinsky is married and has three children.[1]


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