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Vadodara Municipal Corporation
Seal of the VMC
Founded 1950
Municipal Commissioner
Vinod Rao
Deputy Mayor
Yogesh Patel
Chairperson of Standing Committee
Dr. Jigisha Seth
Leader of Opposition
Chandrakant Srivastava
Seats 76

उद्योग स्वाश्रय सेवा (Handwork, Self-Reliance, Service)
Meeting place
Khanderao Market, Vadodara
Khanderao Market

The "Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan" or Vadodara Municipal Corporation or VMC, established in July 1950 under the Bombay Provincial Corporation Act, 1949, is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Vadodara.

The governing structure of VMC consists of political and administrative wings. The political wing is an elected body of councillors headed by a mayor. The commissioner from the IAS cadre heads the administrative wing and is responsible for strategic and operational planning and management of the Corporation. The commissioner takes decisions on behalf of the board or the standing committee formed from the elected councillors to perform the duties of the corporation.


Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan got the first ever declared national award for 'Energy Conservation in Street Lighting’ by BEE in 2008,[1] for saving energy in street lighting with better service and using latest technology for energy saving. The award was given by Honorable Power minister shree Shushil Kumar Shinde.[2][3][4]

Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) repeat the history again in 2010 by acquiring second national award for 'Energy Conservation in Street Lighting’ declared by BEE.[5]

Total area of coverage of Vadodara Municipal Corporation is 160 Sq. Kilometers and total population of the municipal is 16 Lakh (2007-2008). 1691 kilometers of street lighting is covered in vadodara (2007-2008). Vadodara Municipal Corporation is the first in the country to implement international level lighting, lowest life cycle cost of the entire project and Intelligent street light controllers with GSM monitoring and controlling system[6] manufactured by Instruments Universal (a local company of Vadodara), for providing good service to citizens, data collection and quick maintenance.


Vadodara City Officials
Mayor Shri Bharat Dangar Municipal Commissioner Shri Vinod Rao

For administrative purposes the city is divided into 4 zones - East, West, North and South. The city is further divided in 28 wards.

  • The East Zone comprises wards 1, 2 and 9.
  • The West Zone comprises wards 6, 10 and 11.
  • The North Zone comprises wards 7 and 8.
  • The South Zone comprises wards 3, 4, 5 and 12.

The Corporation is headed by a Municipal Commissioner, an IAS officer appointed by the government of Gujarat. He wields the executive power of the house. Each ward is represented by 3 corporators. An election is held to elect corporators to power. The mayor heads the party with the largest number of corporators elected. A largely ceremonial post, he has limited duties. The mayor is responsible for the day-to-day running of the city services, municipal school board, the city bus service, the municipal hospital and the city library.

In the 2006 Vadodara Municipal Corporation elections, the BJP won 74[7] seats, 6 seats went to the Congress.

  • Election Wards: 19[8]
  • Seats (Corporators): 76[8]
  • Population per ward: 31,122
  • Seats reserved for women: 38
  • Total voters (as on 17-1-97): 809,185
  • Ward-wise Population of Vadodara City
Sr. No. | Ward | Males | Females | Total
1 | City | 24563 23072 47635
2 Fatehpura 59901 54819 114720
3 Gajrawadi/Wadi 49101 45487 94588
4 Sindhwaimata Rd/GIDC 115263 102329 217592
5 Shiabaug/Babajipura 41430 36762 78192
6 Sayajigunj (N) 99621 90434 190095
7 Karelibaug/Sayajigunj (S) 70083 62032 132115
8 Raopura 59017 55558 114575
9 Panigate/Kisanwadi 84376 77655 162031
10 Subhanpura/Gorwa 80448 73495 154043
Total 683803 621743 1305546


As per the section 63 and 66 of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, the VMC is responsible for certain obligatory and discretionary services.

Obligatory services[edit]

VMC Political Structure
  • Erection of boundary of city defining city limits
  • Watering, Scavenging and Cleansing of all public streets and places
  • Sewage services
  • Drainage services
  • Fire services
  • Health & Medical services
  • Street Lighting services
  • Maintenance of a monuments & open spaces
  • Identification of streets & houses
  • Regulation and abatement of offensive and dangerous trades or practices
  • Maintenance of burial houses and funeral homes
  • Construction or acquisition of public markets and slaughter houses
  • Construction or acquisition of cattle-pounds
  • Primary education services
  • Health and hygiene services
  • Construction, maintenance and alternation of bridges
  • Water supply services
  • Preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases
  • The securing or removal of dangerous buildings and places
  • Construction of conservancy staff quarters
  • Maintenance of relief works in scarcity, floe etc.

Discretionary services[edit]

VMC Administrative Structure
  • Construction and maintenance of maternity homes & infant welfare houses
  • Maintenance of central laboratories
  • Swimming pool and other public health services
  • Tree plantation on road sides
  • Construction and maintenance of public parks and gardens
  • The holding of exhibition, athletics or games
  • The maintenance of an ambulance services
  • Construction and maintenance of theatres, community halls and museums etc.
  • Building or purchase of staff quarters
  • Construction and maintenance of public transport facilities
  • Construction and maintenance of educational institutes
  • Construction and maintenance of infirmaries and hospitals
  • The destruction of animals and birds causing a nuisance
  • Construction and maintenance of factory for the disposal of sewage
  • The building or purchase and maintenance of suitable dwellings for the poor and working classes
  • Provision of shelter to homeless persons and poor relief
  • Surveys of buildings or lands
  • Measures to meet any calamity affecting the public in the city any measure to promote public safety, health, convenience or instruction


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