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Vad may refer to:



  • Vad, Cluj, a commune in Cluj County
  • Vad (Hungarian: Vád), a village in Șercaia Commune, Brașov County
  • Vad, a village in Copalnic-Mănăștur Commune, Maramureș County
  • Vad, a village in Dragomirești Commune, Neamț County
  • Vadu (Vád), a village in Sântămăria-Orlea Commune, Hunedoara County
  • Vaduri, a village in Alexandru cel Bun Commune, Neamț County
  • Vadurile, a village in Iana Commune, Vaslui County
  • Vad (Olt), a tributary of the Olt
  • Vadu, alternative name for the river Bogata, tributary of the Someș
  • Vad, alternative name for the river Ocolișel, tributary of the Arieș




  • VadPress, an imprint of the German group VDM Publishing devoted to the reproduction of Wikipedia content

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