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Vaduvur Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary located in the town of Vaduvur in Tiruvarur District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Vaduvur was located 22 KM away from Thanjavur on the Thanjavur-Mannargudi state highway. The irrigation tank receives water from November to April every year which attracts a numerous foreign birds from Europe and America. The main attraction is the fertile wetlands in the region. There are also numerous lakes which provides the most required variety of fishes for the birds. The sanctuary is free for Visitors and the government has provided basic facilities for an overnight stay. There are two towers located in the sanctuary for the ease of visitors. More than 38 species of water birds are found here.

This photograph shows the Welcome message to the visitors.

Bird migration is a seasonal phenomenon and when the temperature escalates in Europe and in the North America, the birds starts seeing for a location that will be suitable for survival. The wetlands in this region is quite suitable for the migratory birds as it provides suitable environment for food, shelter and reproduction. The farmers of this region also love the arrival of migratory birds as the irrigation water becomes fertile once it was enriched with the excretory of the birds. The state government had appointed officers for prevention of both hunting and poaching. Poaching and hunting is illegal and a punishable offence. The villagers were aware of this and a friendly environment for the shelter of the birds prevails. The small town is a good agricultural land and rice is grown in plenty.

A view of the irrigation pond with lotus flowers.

The state government has provided facilities for sight seeing and relaxation. Public transport is also available 24X7 from both Thanjavur and Mannargudi. The entire sanctuary was a protected area and the birds can be seen only from towers or from the nearby location. The pleasant sound that arises from the variety of birds is pleasant and warming.

The huge group of birds seen swimming and playing in the pond.

There is also a famous Ramar Kovil (Ram Temple) in the small town. Kothandaramaswamy is the name of the god in the temple.

A group of birds seen at their nest in the tree.

20,000 birds from 38 different species visit the sanctuary every year. They include Open bill stork, Cattle egret, Little egret, Pelicans, Grey Pelicans, Darter, Little Cormorants, Common coots, Little tern, Pond heron, Night heron, Painted stork, Common keat, Kingfisher among others. The ideal time to visit the sanctuary is in the early morning before 6.30 p.m or in the late evening after 05.30 p.m. However, a large group of bird can be seen throughout the day.

A view of Thanjavur-Mannargudi state highway seen from the sanctuary.


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