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This article is about the Norwegian band Vagabond (1993-96). For the English band Vagabond, see Vagabond (UK band).

Vagabond was a Norwegian melodic hard rock band fronted by guitarplayer Ronni Le Tekrø from TNT, singer Jørn Lande and keyboardist *Dag Stokke .

Their first release was the self-titled album Vagabond in 1994, followed by a second and final release, A Huge Fan Of Life in 1995.


Vagabond was formed by ex-TNT members Ronni Le Tekrø and Morty Black in 1993, after the split of TNT. They were joined by ex-Stage Dolls member Steinar Krokstad, TNT's live keyboardist Dag Stokke, and, initially, Sons of Angels vocalist Solli, before Jørn Lande joined the lineup. Their first album, Vagabond, sold 10,000 copies in Norway, but they were dropped by label EMI. They were then signed by the Japanese Victor label. Their second album, A Huge fan of Life was released in Europe on the band's own record label. The end came with the reformation of TNT in 1996, and subsequently the band members went their separate ways.




Vagabond (1994)[edit]

  1. Thunderblunder
  2. Key to the Rainbow
  3. Do You Like It?
  4. Gold in the Air
  5. I Believe in Wonders
  6. Silent woman Sheila
  7. Automatic
  8. Let go, Let go
  9. Mrs. Hippie Blues
  10. We bring the sun to you
  11. Better ask yourself
  12. Kick big pigs
  13. Everybody's Healing [Japanese Bonus Track]

A Huge Fan of Life (1995)[edit]

  1. Startrip Overload
  2. Give From Yourself
  3. Jammin' In Heaven
  4. Angels Serenade
  5. City In between
  6. Good Neighbours
  7. Dealer
  8. It's A Lullaby
  9. Follow Me
  10. Ding Dingaling
  11. Baby I Love You

2 (Compilation, 2012)[edit]


Vagabond (1994)[edit]

  1. Key To The Rainbow (radio edit)
  2. Key To The rainbow (album version)
  3. (Everybody's) Healing

Vagabond (1994)[edit]

  1. Silent Woman Sheila
  2. Let go, Let go

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