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Vagina Museum
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EstablishedMarch 2017

The Vagina Museum is a project to create the world's first bricks and mortar museum about the gynaecological anatomy.[1][2][3] The project is based in the United Kingdom, but as of 2018 does not have a final fixed location.[4][5][6]


The project to create the Vagina Museum was launched when the founder, Florence Schechter, discovered there was a penis museum in Iceland, the Icelandic Phallological Museum, but there was no equivalent for the vagina or vulva.[4]

The Museum's first event, a comedy fundraiser, was held on 19 May 2017 headlined by Hayley Ellis.[7][8][9] It has run a number of events since, including participating in a residency with The Mothership Group called Superculture.[10] Events as part of this residency have included a talk on "Vulvanomics" by Emma L. E. Rees, author of The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History, and a screening of the film Teeth (see Vagina dentata) followed by a Q&A with Amanda DiGioia, the author of Childbirth and Parenting in Horror Texts: The Marginalized and the Monstrous and various comedy nights.[11][12] They have also done events at Limmud Festival 2017[13] and the Royal Institution.[14]

The Museum held its first exhibition in August 2017 in Scotland.[15] It recently announced its first pop up museum called "Is Your Vagina Normal?"[16]

In the 2017 Women Of The Future Awards, Schechter was commended in the arts and culture category for her work with the Vagina Museum.[17]

The permanent museum will have exhibitions on the gynaecological anatomy from science to art to culture.[18][19][20] The museum will be trans-inclusive.[21]

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