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Vagrant or vagrancy may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]



  • Vagrancy (biology), the state of roaming or growing far outside of ones species' usual range
  • Vagrant lichen, a lichen can become unattached from a substrate yet continue to flourish



  • Catopsilia florella, a species in the family Pieridae known as the common vagrant
  • Eronia, a genus in the family Pieridae commonly known as the vagrants
    • Eronia cleodora, a species commonly known as the vine-leaf vagrant
    • Eronia leda, a species commonly known as the autumn leaf vagrant
  • Nepheronia, another genus of Pieridae commonly known as (plain) vagrants
  • Vagrans egista, a South and Southeast Asian species in the family Nymphalidae commonly known as the vagrant


  • Hemianax ephippiger, an African species of dragonfly in the family Aeshnidae commonly known as the vagrant emperor
  • Vagrant darter, (Sympetrum vulgatum), a European dragonfly

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Other uses in biology[edit]

  • Vagrant shrew
  • Uliodon, a genus of spiders found in New Zealand and Australia and commonly referred to as vagrant spiders




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