Vagrich Bakhchanyan

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Vagrich Bakhchanyan

Vagrich (Vahrij) Hakobi (Akopovich) Bakhchanyan (Russian: Ва́грич Ако́пович Бахчаня́н; Ukrainian: Ва́грiч Ако́пович Бахчаня́н; Armenian: Վահրիճ Հակոբի Բախչանյան; born May 23, 1938 in Kharkiv, Soviet Ukraine[1] - November 12, 2009, New York City, United States[2]) was a Soviet and American painter, artist and writer-conceptualist (and/or conceptual poet and writer) of Armenian origin and in the Russian language.


He was born to an ethnic Armenian family in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he grew up, studied and began painting. In the mid-1960s he moved to Moscow, where he worked at Literaturnaya Gazeta. In 1974 Bakhchanyan emigrated to United States, and lived in New York City, where he was active in the literary and art scene. There he collaborated with Russian and Soviet émigré writers Sergei Dovlatov, Alexander Genis, and Naum Sagalovsky (Наум Сагаловський, Kyiv, 1935), among others. He died on November 12, 2009 in New York City. According to Vagrich's last will, his ashes were scattered high in the Geghama mountains (Armenia), over a stone covered with ancient petroglyphs.[3]

According to Alexander Genis, Bakhchanyan "possessed a keen sensitivity to the absurdities of the Soviet regime. By developing and experimenting with inventive artistic strategies, Bakhchanyan broadened the range of expressive possibilities for other nonconformist artists. Many of his puns became an intrinsic part of Soviet dissident culture."



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  • 1981 — Visual diary: 1/1/80 — 12/31/80
  • 1985 — «Демарш энтузиастов» (Démarche of Enthusiasts, co-authored by Sergei Dovlatov and Naum Sagalovsky)
  • 1986 — «Синьяк под глазом: пуантель-авивская поэма» (Signac under the Eye: Pointillaviv Poem)
  • 1986 — «Ни дня без строчки (годовой отчет)» (Nulla dies sine linea, Year's End Report)
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  • 2010 — «Сочинения Вагрича Бахчаняна» (Essays by Vagrich Bakhchanyan), Publ. by G. Titov, Vologda, Russia
  • 2011 — «Записные книжки Вагрича Бахчаняна» (From Notebooks of Vagrich Bakhchanyan), NLO, Moscow


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