Vahram Alazan

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Vahram Alazan's plaque in Yerevan

Vahram Alazan (Armenian: Վահրամ Ալազան), (Vahram Gabuzian) (Armenian: ահրամ Մարտիրոսի Գաբուզյան, 19 May (May 6 O.S.) 1903 in Van – 17 May 1966 in Yerevan)[1] was an Armenian poet, writer and public activist, the First Secretary of the Writers Union of Armenia from 1933 to 1936.

A survivor of Armenian genocide, in 1915 he moved to Yerevan and since 1925 headed the Proletaric Writer's Association of Armenia. His poetic collection "Songs of Construction and Victory" became popular among the Armenian readers. Then he published "At the 60th horizon" novel. During the stalinist terror of 1937-1954 Alazan was prisoned in Siberia. In 1957 he published "Horizons" collection of philosophical poems. He was the founding director of the Perch Proshyan House-Museum in Ashtarak.[2]


  • "The Games of Summer", poems (1923),
  • "Poet's Heart", poems (1954)
  • "Northern Star", novel (1956),
  • "Memoires" (1960).