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Vahram Zaryan
Vahram Zaryan.jpg
Occupation Artist, Choreographer, Mime performance artist, actor , director

Vahram Zaryan is a French performance artist, mime, dancer, director, and choreographer. He is of Armenian origin.


Vahram Zaryan – performance Confession

Vahram Zaryan studied theatre, body movement, and dance at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Armenia. There he specialized in mime, beginning his apprenticeship at the State Theater of Pantomime in Yerevan under the direction of Zhirayr Dadasyan. He later moved to the Paris Opera, where he studied classical dance with Yves Casati, and Decroux technique with Yvan Bacciocchi at the studio of Belleville. Zaryan perfected his art form at the École Internationale de Mimodrame de Marcel Marceau, being one of the last students to receive a degree from this school. Zaryan has also interned and taken graduate courses with Ariane Mnouchkine, Carolyn Carlson, and Maurice Béjart. Marceau & Vahram Zaryan]].jpg He created a company of mimes called “Le théâtre suspendu” with other Marcel Marceau graduates. This company performed signature pieces such as Sépia Quartet, and Le linge entre autres, both in France and abroad. At the time of the creation of the company, Zaryan interpreted the role of the white mime, among others, at a gala at the Palais Garnier in honor of director Sergei Parajanov in a theatrical rendition of this master of Soviet cinema’s great film The Color of Pomegranates. Zaryan[1] also interpreted, to much critical success, the role of Vespone in the Pergolesi opera La serva padrona at the Theater of the Tambour Royal[2] in Paris. Vahram Zaryan has performed many roles in various companies around the world (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Armenia...), as well as acting in film and television productions.

Vahram Zaryan Compagnie[edit]

Zaryan established his troupe "Compagnie Vahram Zaryan",[3] the main activity of which is related to the development of the new mime and the contemporary movement theater.[4]

Zaryan created the performance,[5] "Confession",[6] which has been presented in France and across Europe, as well as at the official closing ceremony of International Mime Festival in Tsakhkadzor in 2010.[7] Shortly after this was another show, Mater Replik, played at L'Atelier du Plateau in Paris, which toured Europe, the United States (New York City / Richmond Shepard Teatre), and Russia, La Tete en Bas.[8] (The head down) a novel, published in 2002 Noëlle Châtelet is suitable for Contemporary Mime show by Vahram Zaryan Company in 2012-13.

In 2012 and 2013, the Vahram Zaryan Company was associated with Monfort Theatre, Cultural Institution of the City of Paris, and participated in projects funded by the DAC workshops and DASCO the City of Paris.[9]

Vahram Zaryan, Ваграм Зарян, Վահրամ Զարյան "Mater Replik"

Performance art[edit]

Vahram Zaryan also performs in museums and international contemporary art galleries. He joined Nina Childress to help exhibit her artwork Rideau Vert at the Gallery of Bernard Jordan[10] in Paris, and staged a performance according to Dramatic Corporeal Mime and taken from Etienne Decroux.

Performances: contemporary mime, dance theatre[edit]

Bibliography / Publications[edit]

  • MYSTERY OF ART: Marcel Marceau (Originally: ՄԱՐՍԵԼ ՄԱՐՍՈՅԻ ԱՐՎԵՍՏԻ ՀՍՏԱԿՈՒԹՅԱՆ ԱՌԵՂԾՎԱԾԸ...) - 2013 Armenia[14]
  • Mater Replik (2012 France)[15]
Marcel Marceau & Vahram Zaryan


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