Funafuti Lagoon Hotel

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Funafuti Lagoon Hotel
Hotel in 2012, when it was known as Vaiaku Langi Hotel
General information
Town or cityFunafuti
Other information
Number of rooms16

The Funafuti Lagoon Hotel formally known as Vaiaku Langi Hotel, or Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, is situated in Funafuti, in the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. The hotel was built in 1993 with financial assistance from the government of Taiwan.[1]


It is Tuvalu's only hotel, though there are a few other small lodges without all the hotel amenities. The hotel is a government-owned establishment and has been recently upgraded and refurbished to service Tuvalu's growing tourist industry.[2]

There are 16 guest rooms in the new section, and additional rooms in the older complex. There is a bar, barbecue area and dance floor.

“Wednesday Night Buffet Dinner” is a featured event. The dinner is followed by Tuvaluan dancing.[1]


Funafuti lagoon

The hotel faces the Funafuti Lagoon (known as Te Namo in the Tuvaluan language), overlooking the western ocean.

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