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Vaide (Livonian: Vaid) is a populated place in Kolka parish, Dundaga municipality, Latvia. One of the twelve Livonian villages on Līvõd rānda - the Livonian Coast. Other names: Vayde,Vaides Ciems.

Poulin Klavin (Latvian: Pauline Klaviņa) one of only a handful of native speakers of Livonian language was born in Vaide. Poulin would help establish the Livonian folk ensemble "Livlist".

One of the first dachas on Livonian coast was established here in the 1960s by the Gorniks family. Later its descendants called their famous clothing manufacturer and chain of shops "VAIDE".

Vaide is also location of the summer residence of the former Latvian President.

There is also a private museum, a unique horns collection (Latvian:ragu kollekcija) assembled over 40 years by museum guide, a former head of Slitere National Park.

There is also an old cemetery next to a picturesque artificial pond.

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Coordinates: 57°43.60′N 22°28′E / 57.72667°N 22.467°E / 57.72667; 22.467