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Monumental stone in Vainode.JPG
Vaiņode is located in Latvia
Vaiņode's location in Latvia
Coordinates: 56°25′6.50″N 21°51′8.31″E / 56.4184722°N 21.8523083°E / 56.4184722; 21.8523083Coordinates: 56°25′6.50″N 21°51′8.31″E / 56.4184722°N 21.8523083°E / 56.4184722; 21.8523083
Country Latvia
First mentioned1253
 • Total3.3 sq mi (8.5 km2)
Population (2006)
 • Total1,944

Vaiņode (formerly German: Wainoden) is a village in and centre of Vaiņode Municipality and Vaiņode parish, Latvia. The village developed around a railway station after 1871 between Liepāja and Mažeikiai.

Starting in 1916 the Imperial German Navy built north of the village a military compound with an airship yard called Luftschiffhafen Wainoden with two large airship hangars which were later transferred and used as Riga Central Market. The base was used after World War I by the Latvian army, later in World War II again by the Germans. Afterwards it was a Red Army compound and the most important military airport in the Baltic region inclusive ballistic missiles with a nuclear warheads.

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