Vaitarna Dam

Coordinates: 19°40′15″N 73°17′26″E / 19.670841°N 73.2905592°E / 19.670841; 73.2905592
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Vaitarna Dam
Vaitarna Dam is located in Maharashtra
Vaitarna Dam
Location of Vaitarna Dam in Maharashtra
Official nameVaitarna Dam / Modaksagar Dam
LocationPalghar Mumbai, Maharashtra
Coordinates19°40′15″N 73°17′26″E / 19.670841°N 73.2905592°E / 19.670841; 73.2905592
Opening date1957[1]
Owner(s)Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Mumbai, India
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsVaitarna river
Height82 m (269 ft)
Length567.07 m (1,860.5 ft)
Total capacity174,790,000 m3 (6.173×109 cu ft)
Surface area8.39 km2 (3.24 sq mi)

Vaitarna Dam, also called Modaksagar Dam, is a Gravity dams on Vaitarna river which supplies water to Palghar, Mumbai, but located in Palghar & Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra in India. It was opened in 1957.

Another dam, the Middle Vaitarna Dam is to be built in the neighboring Palghar & Thane district on the same river; to supplement the water supply to the ever-growing needs of Mumbai and its Mumbai Metropolitan Region.


The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 82 m (269 ft) while the length is 567.07 m (1,860.5 ft). The gross storage capacity is 204,980.00 km3 (49,177.32 cu mi).[2]


  • Water supply

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