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Sri Vaithya Lingam Swami temple is located at Aladipatti, which is 30 km (19 mi) from Tirunelveli on the way to Tenkasi. The temple's sanctum has sri vaithya lingam swami and goddess yogambigai. The other deities of the temple for various castes of people are Sudalai Madan Samy and Karuppa Samy.

Kula Deivam[edit]

Sri Vaithya Lingam Swami is worshipped as Kula Deivam by various groups of people.

(Tirunelveli to Alangulam 30 km) (Alangulam to Aladpatti 3 km)


The festival will be carried twice a year. A ten days festive for Sri Vaithya lingam swami and Yogambigai in the month of Avani (Tamil month) and another festive for the deity in the month of Chitthirai (Tamil month), which is more popular around the village.