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Vajnory 9.JPG
Coat of arms
Country Slovakia
Region Bratislava
District Bratislava III
Elevation 130 m (427 ft)
Coordinates 48°12′00″N 17°12′00″E / 48.20000°N 17.20000°E / 48.20000; 17.20000Coordinates: 48°12′00″N 17°12′00″E / 48.20000°N 17.20000°E / 48.20000; 17.20000
Area 13.354 km2 (5.156 sq mi)
Population 4,331 (2005)
Density 324/km2 (839/sq mi)
First mentioned 1237
Postal code 83107
Area code +421-02
Car plate BA, BL
Location of Vajnory in Slovakia
Location of Vajnory in Slovakia

Vajnory is a small borough in the northeast of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Milan Rastislav Štefánik international airport is located near Vajnory. Another airport - Vajnory Airport, which was the first airport in Slovakia - closed in 2006.


The first written mention of Vajnory dates to 1237, when it was a village with the original Slovak Slovak name Prača / Pračany. In 1307, monastery in Austrian Heiligenkreuz purchased it and renamed the village Weinern, referring to the main occupation of the villagers, working on vineyards and making wine. A relic of this name remains today in the Slovak variant, Vajnory. It was purchased again by Bratislava in the 16th century. It was a borough only until 1851, when, shortly after the abolition of serfdom, Vajnory became an independent village again. It was made an official borough of Bratislava in 1946.



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