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Vakarel (Bulgarian: Вакарел) is a village, 25 km (16 mi) away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

View to Vakarel
Trakiya motorway Vakarel junction
Vakarel Town-hall

Population: 1984 people. It is situated in Sredna Gora mountains in Ihtiman Municipality. The village is important transport knot for the railway Sofia - Plovdiv. Near Vakarel is the Trakiya motorway. Vakarel is 822 meters above sea level.
About 1 km (1 mi) away from the village is the Vakarel Radio Transmitter. Near Vakarel is the Vakarelian Monastery 'Saint Petka'. The monastery is relatively new, established in the 20th century, now is working periodically. Its yearly celebration is on 14 October.
Near Vakarel are located several villa zones.[1]

Vakarel's name is of Aromanian (Balkan Latin) origin, from the word vacarel, "cattleshed, cowshed" or with the Aromanian diminutive suffix –el, "young cowherd",[2] cf. Romanian văcar, "cowboy, neatherd".[3]



Vakarel Saddle on Smith Island, South Shetland Islands is named after Vakarel.


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Coordinates: 42°33′00″N 23°43′00″E / 42.55000001°N 23.7166666767°E / 42.55000001; 23.7166666767