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* Vakathanam Village Co-Operative Society
* Vakathanam Village Co-Operative Society
* Kottayam District Co-Operative Bank
* Kottayam District Co-Operative Bank
* South Indian Bank (ATM is at Njaliakuzhi Branch, which accept all major cards including Visa & Mastercard)
* South Indian Bank (ATM is at Njaliakuzhi Branch, which accept all major cards including Visa & Mastercard).
'''List of Schools'''
'''List of Schools'''
* JMHS, Vakathanam
* JMHS, Vakathanam

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Vakathanam is a Panchayat in Kottayam district of Kerala, India. It is 15 km from kottayam on the way to changanacherry via puthupally . Vakathanam panchayat consists of two villages

  • Vakathanam
  • Thottakkad


Ancient times Vakathanam was ruled by Kings of Thekkumkur. Njaliakuzhy was the place where the culprits were executed by hanging. The exact spot of ancient Njaliakuzhy is near the present CSI Church, a little away from the present Njaliakuzhy junction. Currently Njalikuzhy is the main junction where panchayat office and the bus stand are situated. Vakathanam is well linked by road with Kottayam, Changanacherry, Puthupally, Chingavanam, Karukachal, etc.

The terrain is hilly. Western border of the panchayat has vast paddy fields. Fundamentally an agricultural village, earlier vakathanam was famous for Tapioca and Jackfruit. Now rubber trees are grown in the place of tapioca. Vakathanam is an important commercial centre of Kottayam. The chief crops are rice and rubber.

Religious institutions include temples and churches. Manikandapuram temple (which is mentioned also in Unnuneeli Sandesam, written in the 14th century) is the most ancient religious worship centre, built by the Thekumkur Kings probably in the 14th or 15th century. The Orthodox Syrian Church is the numerically biggest Christian denomination in Vakathanam. Among the Christians the Knanaya Christians were the first ones to settle down at Vakathanam, came mostly from Thodupuzha. St. John's Orthodox Church is the oldest Christian church, built in 1847, until which year the Orthodox faithful had Puthupally church as their parish. Mar Baselius Geevarghese I or Vallikkattu Bava (Catholicos of the Orthodox Syrian Church from 1925 to 1928) was a gift of Vakathanam to the Malankara Church. The Knanaya Christians had their parish in Kottayam Valiyapally and Kottayam Edacattu church, until the construction of Puthussery church for the Knanaya Jacobites and St Mathew's Catholic Church for Knanaya Catholics in 1910 at Njaliakuzhy. Besides the members of the above-mentioned Churches, the believers of the Catholic Church, Syrian Orthodox Church (the famous St. Adai's church, Nalunnakal, belongs to this Church), Mar Thomma Church, CSI Church,etc. are also present and active at Vakathanam. Vakathanam is a centre of fine and exemplary religious harmony.
Nadan Panthu kali is the famous sports in vakathanam. Vakathanam lacks a cultural centre where the youngsters can develop their talents and aptitude for cultural items like traditional dance, music, Indian musical instruments, and the like.


  • Population: 31222 (male-15559, Female-15663)
  • Literacy Rate: 97%
  • Population density: 1179/km²

List of Government offices

  • Panchayat office Vakathanam
  • Village office Vakathanam
  • Village office Thottakkad
  • KSEB office
  • Krishi Bhavan

List of Banks

  • State Bank of Travancore (ATM is at Njaliakuzhi Branch, which accept all major cards including Visa & Mastercard).
  • Vakathanam Village Co-Operative Society
  • Kottayam District Co-Operative Bank
  • South Indian Bank (ATM is at Njaliakuzhi Branch, which accept all major cards including Visa & Mastercard).

List of Schools

  • JMHS, Vakathanam
  • Govt LPBS, Unnamattom
  • MGEM Higher Secondary school Njaliyakuzhi
  • S.Geroge U.P.School,Eravuchira
  • MD U.P school, Vakathanam
  • Govt Hr secondary school, Thrikothamangalam
  • Govt LPBS, Marangattu
  • NSS U.P School, Eravinallor
  • Gregorian Higher Secondary School , Nalunnakkal

List of Colleges

  • M.G.University College of Teacher Education,Thottakkad

List of Hospitals

  • Govt Hospital Vakathanam
  • Primary Health centers (3 NOS)
  • Govt Ayurvedic Hospital
  • Govt Homeopathic Hospitals
  • Govt Veterinary Hospital
  • Other Private Hospitals

Telecom and Communication Offices/Establishments

  • Main Post Office Njaliyakuzhi
  • ED Post Offices at other locations (7 NOS)
  • BSNL exchange & SDE office Njaliakuzhi
  • Other private Telecom operators , such as Hutch, Idea, Reliance, Airtel

List of Religious establishments

Law establishment agencies

Petrol Bunks

  • Couple of petrol bunks are there , which sells Petrol ,diseal and Lubricants.
  • One is located near Unammattom , on the way to changanacherry from njaliakuzy . Other one is situated to north of Njaliakuzhy junction .

Orkut Community

Famous Families

  • Namboothiri Families (Illom or locally known as 'Madhom')
  • Palakkottu Neelamana Illom
  • Kizhakke Neelamana Illom
  • Edamana Illom
  • Kallampally Illom
  • Chandramana Illom
  • Christian Families
  • Modayil
  • Ullatil/Palathingal
  • Makkapallil
  • Plaparambil Join Orkut Community
  • Vallikattu
  • Chirathilattu
  • Chackacheril
  • Koipuram Visit
  • Kannanthuruthil
  • Karuchira
  • Kottukalam
  • Vettiyil
  • Ennaseril
  • Marukummoottil
  • Vallavankadavil
  • Kocheril
  • Kayyalathu
  • Karippal
  • Padinjareveettil
  • Edathara
  • Onattu
  • Kokkaravalayil
  • Koovakada
  • Nankulam
  • Koduvelil Family
  • Pillachira

Famous People

External links

Shinu vakathanam is famous politician .He is the state commite member of Nationalist Congress party lead by the Union mister for Agriculture SREE.SARATH PAWAR.He served the party as Kottayam dist. general secretary ,was the Trivandrum Railway divisinal commite member .