Vake Park

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Vake Park
Parco Vake.jpg
TypePublic park
LocationTbilisi, Georgia
Coordinates41°42′32″N 44°45′05″E / 41.708889°N 44.751389°E / 41.708889; 44.751389Coordinates: 41°42′32″N 44°45′05″E / 41.708889°N 44.751389°E / 41.708889; 44.751389
Area200 hectare
Created1946 (1946)

Vake Park (Georgian: ვაკის პარკი) is a public park in Tbilisi. The park was opened in 1946 and is located in the Vake district of Tbilisi at the western end of Chavchavadze Avenue.[1]

World War II Memorial sits at the top of the hill in the park.


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