Vakhsh District

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Location in Tajikistan

Vakhsh District or Nohiya-i Vakhsh (Tajik: Ноҳияи Вахш/Persian: ناحیۀ وخش‎‎) is a district in Khatlon province, Tajikistan. Its capital is Vakhsh.

Vakhsh is one of the famous districts of Khatlon province. Sometimes, Khatlon (Qurghonteppa zone) is cited as Vakhsh valley, this is why when entering Khatlon zone, you will notice written "Vakhsh Valley" written in Russian "Вахшская долина".

It is located to south of Khatlon & and the country. It is 23 Km from center of Khatlon (Qurghonteppa) which takes around 25 minutes.