Vakil Bathhouse

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Vakil Bath
حَمـّامِ وَکیل
Baños de Vakil, Shiraz, Irán, 2016-09-24, DD 39-41 HDR.jpg
the hot room (garmkhaneh) of the Vakil Bath
Vakil Bathhouse is located in Middle East
Vakil Bathhouse
General information
Architectural stylePersian
LocationShiraz, Iran
Coordinates29°36′53″N 52°32′42″E / 29.614775°N 52.545122°E / 29.614775; 52.545122Coordinates: 29°36′53″N 52°32′42″E / 29.614775°N 52.545122°E / 29.614775; 52.545122
Construction startedmid 1760s
Completedlate 1760
Technical details
Structural systemPublic Bath
Size4,000 m2 (presumed)
Design and construction
ArchitectKarim Khan Zand
EngineerA team of engineers all from Zand territories

Vakil Bath, Wakil Bath, or Wakil Hammam is an old public bathhouse (hammam) in Shiraz, Iran. It was a part of the royal district constructed during Karim Khan Zand's reign (1751–1779) which includes the Arg of Karim Khan, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque and many administrative buildings. It is located on the west side of the Vakil Mosque. The hammam was originally intended for use by the nobility and continued to be in use up until the 20th century.[1]

It has since been restored and classified as a historic monument, inscribed with the number 917 on the list of national works of Iran.[citation needed]

The sarbineh (changing room or vestibule) of the baths


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