Valérie Allain

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Valérie Allain
Valérie Allain as "Mireille" and Charles Mayer as "Robert"
Valérie Allain as "Mireille"
Born April 3, 1966
Saint-Raphaël, Var, France
Years active 1988-
Children 2

Valérie Allain (born on 3 April, 1966) is a French actress.

She portrayed "Mireille" in the 1987 instructional television series French in Action, which acquired a cult following largely because of the appeal of the romantic comedic theme of its fifty-two episodes of full-immersion French language lessons.[1] She has two children: a boy, born in 1990, Pablo and a girl, born in 2003, Juliette.[2]

Professional career[edit]

  • Allain was featured (but did not pose) in the November 1988 edition of Playboy in "Stars of the Cinema in 1988."





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