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Kristjan Valdimar "Val" Bjornson (August 29, 1906 – March 3, 1987) was a Minnesota writer, newspaper editor, and politician who served as State Treasurer for more than two decades.[1]

He was born in Minneota, Minnesota of Icelandic descent.[2] In World War II, he served in Navy intelligence, stationed in Iceland.[3] Besides English, he was able to speak Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.[4]

He was part owner of the Minneota Mascot newspaper and an associate editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.[5]

As the Republican candidate in the United States Senate elections, 1954, he lost to Hubert Humphrey, with whom he sometimes shared a car to travel the state.[6]

He died in Minneapolis.[7] The University of Minnesota, his alma mater, and the University of Iceland have a student exchange scholarship named in his honor.[8]


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