Val Brembana

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Location of Val Brembana.

Val Brembana is a valley in Lombardy, northern Italy. It takes its name from the river crossing it, the Brembo.


The Brembo river at San Giovanni Bianco.

The Bergamo Alps form the valley's northern limits, notably the Tre Signori and Diavolo di Tenda Peaks, while at south lies the plain of Bergamo. To the east, the valley borders with the Valle Seriana and to the west with the Valle Imagna.

The main centers of the valley are Zogno, San Pellegrino Terme and Piazza Brembana. Val Brembana is also the location of Simone Pianetti's massacre.


The main road of Valle Brambana is the N470 road, now managed by the Provincia di Bergamo. The valley is also linked with Valtellina by the San Marco Pass.

Ski areas[edit]

Valle Brembana includes the ski areas of Foppolo, Valtorta and Piazzatorre.


Formai de Mut dell'Alta Valle Brembana is a cheese with protected designation of origin status that is prepared at Alta Valle Brembana.[1][2] It is produced in "very limited quantities" and rarely found outside of Lombardy.[1]


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