Valaste Waterfall

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Valaste juga
Location Ida-Viru County, Estonia
Coordinates 59°26′38″N 27°20′07″E / 59.443889°N 27.335278°E / 59.443889; 27.335278
Type Plunge
Elevation 42 metres
Total height 30 metres (98 ft)
Number of drops 1

Valaste Waterfall (Estonian: Valaste juga) is the highest waterfall in Estonia and neighboring regions (30.5 m)[1] situated between Ontika and Valaste in the Kohtla Parish of the Ida-Viru County and formed by a stream, as it flows over the Baltic Klint not far from the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It is a popular tourist attraction with its spray freezing up in winter.

There is a parking lot, some explanatory signs, and a trail using a double spiral staircase to get down the cliff. Opposite of the waterfall, a viewing platform has been built, and this offers views of the falls.[2]

The platform is out of service and the stairs to it have been closed since 2013.[citation needed]



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