Valbona (river)

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Lumi i Valbones, Tropoje, Albania.jpg
Country Albania
Physical characteristics
Main source Buna
41°19′37″N 20°4′47″E / 41.32694°N 20.07972°E / 41.32694; 20.07972
River mouth Lake Koman
Adriatic Sea
42°15′59″N 19°27′35″E / 42.26639°N 19.45972°E / 42.26639; 19.45972Coordinates: 42°15′59″N 19°27′35″E / 42.26639°N 19.45972°E / 42.26639; 19.45972
Length 50.6 km (31.4 mi)
Basin features
Basin size 657 km2 (254 sq mi)

The Valbona (or Valbona) is a river in northern Albania. It is still relatively untouched. Its source is in the Prokletije, near the border with Montenegro.

The Valbonë flows generally east through the municipality Margegaj (mountain villages Valbonë, Dragobi and Shoshan), then turns south along Bajram Curri, and continues southwest until its outflow into the river Drin, near Fierzë. It is one of the cleanest rivers in the country. The river begins in and flows through the Valbonë valley.


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