Valchitran Treasure

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Valchitran Treasure
Material gold
Created 1300 BC
Discovered 1924 at Valchitran
Present location National Archaeological Museum, Sofia

The Valchitran Treasure (Bulgarian: Вълчитрънско златно съкровище) was discovered in 1924 by two brothers who were working in their vineyard near the village of Valchitran, 22 km southeast of Pleven, Bulgaria.

The hoard consists of 13 receptacles, different in form and size, and weighs in total 12.5 kg:

  • two round platters
  • five round domed pieces, two with central handles
  • three cups with handles
  • a jug with handle
  • three leaf shaped vessels with handles
  • a bowl with two handles (4.5 kg of gold)

The gold metal has a natural mixture of 9.7% silver.

The scientists dated the treasure back to 1300 BC, at the time of the Thracians.

It is now one of the most valuable possessions of the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia.

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