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Valdis Pelšs
Валдис Пельш в ЦДМ на Лубянке.jpg
Born Valdis Pelšs
(1967-06-05) 5 June 1967 (age 49)
Riga, Soviet Union
Occupation television director, presenter
Years active 1983–present
Awards TEFI 1997 ("game show presenter")
Zolotoi Grammofon 1996, 1997 (in Neschastny Sluchai band)

Valdis Pelšs (born 5 June 1967 in Riga) is a TEFI-awarded Soviet and Russian television presenter of Latvian descent and Zolotoi Grammofon-awarded musical artist. Valdis Pelšs currently works as a screen actor and manages child programs subdivision on Channel One. He hosted several popular game shows, such as Ugadai Melodiu, Russian Roulette and Rozygrysh.[1][2] Pelšs is a former vocalist and percussion instrument player in Neschastny Sluchai band, which was founded by him and Alexei Kortnev in 1983.[3][4]


Valdis Pelšs graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Philosophy. He firstly appeared on television as a KVN player among MSU team with his friend Alexei Kortnev (1987). Together they also participated in Oba-na television program. In 1983 they formed an alternative rock band Neschastny Sluchai, which Pelšs left in 1997.[3][5]

In 1995 Vladislav Listyev invited him to work on musical game show Ugadai Melodiu, a Russian version of Name That Tune aired on Channel One. The show quickly gained popularity: while airing it was watched by 96% of people, therefore Valdis Pelšs is mentioned in The Guinness Book of Records as the most popular Russian television personality.[6] He was awarded with TEFI in 1997. After the death of Sergei Suponev in 2001 Pelšs manages child programs subdivision on Channel One.

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