Valdivia River

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Valdivia River (Río Valdivia)
Rio Valdivia lobos marinos.jpg
View of the upper course of Valdivia River. Pedro de Valdivia Bridge is seen in the background.
Origin Calle-Calle River, Caucau River
Mouth Corral Bay, Pacific Ocean
Basin countries Chile/Argentina
Length 15 km (9.3 mi)[1]
Mouth elevation 0 m
Basin area 10,275 km2 (3,967 sq mi)[1]
Basin population 168,489 [1]

The Valdivia River or Río Valdivia, as it is known locally, is a major river in southern Chile. It is the continuation of the Calle-Calle River, from the point where it meets the Cau-Cau River in the city of Valdivia. The Valdivia river ends in Corral Bay, on the Pacific coast. Other tributaries are the Cruces River, the Tornagaleones River and the Futa River. Pedro de Valdivia Bridge crosses the river in downtown Valdivia.


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Coordinates: 39°52′44″S 73°23′05″W / 39.878852°S 73.384824°W / -39.878852; -73.384824