Valea Adîncă

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For the village of Valea Adâncă in Iaşi County, Romania, see Miroslava, Iaşi.

Valea Adîncă (in Romanian; Ukrainian: Валя-Адинке, Valia-Adynke, Волядинка, Voliadynka; Russian: Валя-Адынка, Valia-Adynka; Polish: Waładynka) is a commune in Camenca sub-district, in the northern part of Transnistria, Moldova. The name in Romanian means "deep valley". It is composed of two villages, Constantinovca and Valea Adîncă.

It is also the site of the Church of the Blessed Virgin's Protection, a Russian Orthodox church.

Coordinates: 48°00′N 28°50′E / 48.000°N 28.833°E / 48.000; 28.833