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The SOE memorial in Valençay on the 20th anniversary of its unveiling

The Valençay SOE Memorial is a monument in France to the members of the Special Operations Executive F Section [1] who lost their lives working to liberate the country during World War II.

The memorial was unveiled in the town of Valençay, in the department of Indre, on May 6, 1991, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the despatch of F Section's first agent to France.

It was designed by Elizabeth Lucas Harrison, herself a former Resistance member, who originally gave it the name "Spirit of Partnership".

Dedicated by the Minister of Veterans Affairs for France and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, the memorial's Roll of Honour lists the names of the 91 men and 13 women members of the SOE who gave their lives for France's freedom.

Valençay Memorial's Roll of Honour:[2][3]



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