Valencia's Aquarium

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Not to be confused with L'Oceanogràfic.
Valencia's Aquarium
Date opened 21 December 1975
Location Valencia, Venezuela
Coordinates 10°11′20″N 68°00′38″W / 10.18889°N 68.01056°W / 10.18889; -68.01056Coordinates: 10°11′20″N 68°00′38″W / 10.18889°N 68.01056°W / 10.18889; -68.01056
No. of animals ~1300[1]
No. of species

~115 at the aquarium

~115 at the zoo, terrarium and serpentarium[1]

Valencia's Aquarium (officially Acuario de Valencia, Fundación Seijas) is a recreational park located in Valencia, Venezuela. It is the largest aquarium in Venezuela, and it also has a small zoo with species from Venezuela. It is operated by the J.V. Seijas Foundation.

One of the aquarium's Amazon river dolphins

This aquarium has the only trained captive Amazon river dolphins in the world. It also has many species of fish, snakes and other animals as well as plants endemic to Venezuela.

There is also a small park for children, with bumper cars, a carousel and other games.



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