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The Valencian linguistic conflict,[1][2][3][4][5] also known as Valencian sociolinguist conflict,[1] is a term coined by the Valencian sociolinguist Rafael Ninyoles i Monllor in his 1969 work Conflicte lingüístic valencià.[6] The term refers to the conflict, more or less explicit between the spheres of use of the Spanish and Valencian language in the Land of Valencia.[6]

During the Battle of Valencia (1978–1982) the term was used to refer to a controversy about the entity of the Valencian and its relationship with the other speeches of the Catalan language,[3][7][6] this discussion, despite being so popular in medias to arrive to superimpose other issues,[6] is considered to be secondary when compared to the true undertone of the Valencian language controversy: the institutional minorisation of the Valencian language and the preeminence of the Spanish language in the Land of Valencia.[6][4]

Coinage of the concept[edit]

The Valencian sociolinguist Rafael Ninyoles i Monllor coined the term linguistic conflict by the end of the 1960s[6] to refer to certain diglossic situations, such as the Valencian one.[4] In his late works, he described the process of the ongoing substitution of Valencian by Castilian by social elites and the resulting loss of prestige of the vernacular language.[citation needed]

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